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Once again, Ubisoft has vocally displayed their dismay in the Wii U console.  Previously they took away exclusivity of Rayman Legends and decided to spread the wealth with the Sony and Microsoft.  Now they are reiterating their hopes for a Wii U price cut so that more gamers can buy the Wii U…then buy more Ubi games…

 “Always. We always want the hardware to be at a low price because we want as many fans as possible to afford to buy our games, so that’s for sure. We think that Wii U will find its public at some point. Some were expecting sales to be quicker but we are optimistic.”

Ubisoft is using some basic logic in their assessment.  If more consoles sell, then more games will sell.  Although that is obvious, I feel as though Ubisoft is finding every excuse to not work with Nintendo.

“I think Nintendo has said that the Wii U sales in general were below expectations originally and the software tie-in ratio is also stable, so I think that when less machines sell, less games sell.”

Both of the above quotes are from Ubisoft’s Exectuive Director for EMEA Territories Alain Corre.  I have to wonder if he has some inside knowledge that the Next Gen Sony and Microsoft consoles will be less expensive than the Wii U.  I highly doubt they will, yet I have a feeling he will not complain about their high price tags.

Do you feel that Ubisoft has become the voice of the industry, or are they becoming the crazy old guy on the corner screaming at his invisible enemies?

Will Ubisoft’s Rants alienate their fans, or do you think it will all blow over when the next consoles release?



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  1. V says:

    They need to accept that they made a mistake delaying the game and just release the game for the wii u early now regardless, no exceptions whatever:

    Oh, by the way, to show us that they don’t care about the fans, I got this email from one of them in regards to an open letter I sent them last week. Here’s what they actually said.

    I emailed Ubisoft a kind-hearted open letter pleading to them to reconsider their actions regarding the Rayman Legends delay. I was expecting a simple “Thank you for writing, we’ll consider it”, I get this from one of the respondents.:

    This is the only response you will get from me and your concerns will never be read by the higher ups and corporate leaders of Ubisoft.

    The decision has been made by Ubisoft “higher-ups” to delay the release date on Rayman Legends, this will NOT change. The game is no longer “finished” and “ready to ship” and has actually gone back into the development cycle. There will be no backtrack or change on this and is final, any further pleas to change the release date will not change this.

    This further proves that Ubisoft doesn’t care about what the fans who have pressured them to release the game early. Thought you’d like to know.

    Everybody keep forcing them to release the game early on the Wii U regardless.

  2. Essel Pratt says:

    V…wow, that is not a customer service oriented response…

    I would love to look into this more! If you feel comfortable, Could you please forward me that email so I can reach out to the sender? I would love to see if I can get an interview with him, or at least ask him more about the response?

  3. theadza says:

    Nothing is untrue in that letter. At this point even if they did release the Wii U game, the other consoles would get more content than the Wii U version. Which would again lead to another firestorm of abuse hurled at Ubisoft. Of course all of the extra content could be released as free DLC later, but Ubisoft painted themselves into a corner they can’t get out of. I don’t envy the employees there that would be dealing with all this negative PR that they themselves have no control over. I would get very sick of it myself if I worked there and copped abuse all the time for something I personally had nothing to do with.

    I don’t condone their decision, and it has forever marked Ubisoft as a publisher I can’t trust at all, but as a human being I do feel empathy for the devs, and for Ubi employees who have to try and deal with the mess from their bosses who still show no remorse, no guilt, display nothing but contempt for Nintendo fans, and seem quite happy to go about their day and leave the mess they created to their underlings.

    On the price cut issue, I’m definitely feeling its going to take its time getting here. If the sales of the Wii U don’t take off after a few more of the first party titles coming are released, then they will cut the price. There is no point cutting the price until more games are released because how are they going to make back the money lost on selling the console without them? Also, if they cut the price now, and it still failed to spur sales due to the lack of games, Nintendo would have to face nearly a nearly insurmountable amount of bad PR, with even more third parties turning their backs on the system.

    I really wish Publishers would see things Nintendos way. If you can make a game that’s fun and unique and can appeal to all people, you don’t need to go multiplatform to turn a profit. Especially with lower end hardware. But all the big western companies want to do is push the newest software to the latest hardware, making game development more expensive, and port it to everything to try and cover costs, sell millions of units and STILL not cover them. It’s mind boggling how wrong they have it. The only this is that Nintendo can’t prove them wrong because they don’t commit to making the same kind of experiences that Nintendo do for their own software. They port down, or scale back, or make lame side story versions for Nintendo hardware and then wonder why no one buys it. It’s a joke that’s gone on too long and is not a very funny one. And the only way out of it is for Nintendo to start throwing money at devs to make exclusive games for the system. Because western publishers just don’t care for Nintendos way of doing business, and its a real shame because there could be a lot of success stories.

  4. Alex Ashraf Rushdy says:

    I think they’re making a completely rational argument. Ubisoft has been and continues to be one of the Wii U’s biggest supporters.

    They launched the console with the EXCLUSIVE ZombiU, and are continuing that support with Rayman Legends (yes, its delayed- it will still be good and now more people can play so quit whining) and it is delivering Assassin’s Creed IV AND Watch_Dogs to Wii U day and date with other releases!

    I don’t blame Ubi at all for wanting the Wii U to sell more- it needs to! The Wii U isn’t performing well at the moment. I believe that just like 3Ds before it, it will pick up and Ubisoft is confident in that as well (as evidenced by their continuing support).

    I think if we’re going to pick on any publisher it should be Capcom (only Wii U games so far are 3DS ports, refuses to bring games to eShop, refuses to bring games coming out for PS360 to Wii U) or Konami (geniunely ignoring the platform in every respect).

    Don’t pick on Ubi. They’re actually doing a great job with the Wii U, way better than they did with DS and Wii and 3DS.

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