More Resident Evil Wii details unearthed

Go Nintendo has revealed some new details on Resident Evil Wii, or Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles as it’s now known. Keep these in your rumor file because they came from the Capcom forums, though Go Nintendo swears they confirmed them. The game is split up into chapters similar to Outbreak, though hopefully the similarities end there since many RE fans and reviewers found that game to be a dog. In each of these chapters, gamers will be able to play as the main protagonists from past RE games in their appropriate settings. For example, the chapter based on the first Resident Evil lets you play as Jill and Chris in the mansion, chapter two features Claire and Leon from RE2 in the Raccoon Police Department, chapter three stars Jill and Carlos from RE3 in Raccoon City, and Chapter four includes Leon and Ada from RE4 in the Village. Additional characters, such as Wesker, Rebecca Chambers, and Hunk, are reportedly unlockable characters. By going through the entire series from the point of view of the main characters, the game is supposed to tie up loose ends from the series.

The game is described as using the Wiimote to trigger an over-the-shoulder view like in Resident Evil 4 and the nunchuck to fire. Additionally, puzzles will be quite different through use of the Wiimote.

How accurate are these details? We just might find out at the Tokyo Game Show later this week. As long as it isn’t too much like the first-person shooter Survivor games and stays close to the gameplay style of RE4, I’m good to go. How about you?