More of the Same?

It is being reported that THQ will only be devoting 20% of their resources to develop Revolution games while PS3 and 360 are getting 80%. While this is probably due to the lack of Revolution specs and playable games, you gotta hope this isn’t the case like the N64 and GC before it.

On a good note, French developer Atari announced last week in a press conference they will be supporting the Revolution though no games were announced. Do you think the Revolution will have trouble getting developers on board? If so, do you care?

[Source: Xbox Today, GoNintendo]


  1. I doubt this is significant when you think to the fact the PS3 needs a hell of a lot of investment for the development tools, (i’m thinking back to whole ‘japanese developers scared by costs’ thing). The rev won’t need such a scary investment to bring in the quality titles; and tbh I think that is one of its great qualities. -Lu

  2. I don’t think it’ll have trouble. It’ll become a matter of publishers not being able to get onto the Rev for being too redundant with their game themes. Clones and shooters will have a hard time getting on it.

  3. I’m sure it’ll be a slow process for the time being until Nintendo finally gets the console finished up. They’ll definitely get a lot more support if they can truly deliver on having game creation be a lot less complicated than with the Xbox and PS3 (or at least easier than the former seeing all the PS3 complaints that abound recently) as they have stated.

    I’m seeing a lot of similarities with the DS so far, so hopefully Nintendo will try harder to get more games for the machine and not have a situation like the DS repeat itself (where it’s lineup didn’t have any killer apps until the following year).

  4. The ease of use contention is definitely with 360. Their development tools are highly regarded and appreciated by devs for their efficiency.

  5. This is disappointing, as THQ has been one of the more vocal supporters of the Revolution hardware. What can we expect from those who aren’t as excited? 5%? I think Nintendo will have just as much trouble courting third parties as it’s had in the past… Just looking at the Gamecube it hardly makes business sense to make games for Nintendo. But that isn’t so bad in my opinion. Especially with the Revolution, it seems it will attract those who are excited about the hardware and actually want to make a great game instead of the tired schlock that the other systems will be getting. They’ll have passion in their eyes instead of dollar signs, and we’ll be the ones that benefit.

  6. link, maybe your right, maybe it won’t have all the cool 3rd party games right away. But that doesn’t matter cause we’ll be playing Super Smash Broterhs Melee, Legend of Zelda, Mario 128, Metroid Prime 3…. and yatta yatta yatta. Don’t worry, those games could last maybe a year or so, expectially with the controller 🙂

  7. THQ are absolute rubbish, I can’t think of one good game they’ve made. The PS3 and 360 can have them, for all I care.

  8. I think it’s simply because it costs alot less to work on Revolution. Has nothing to do with amount of support. Remember, developing for the Rev doesn’t require large teams of 100+ ppl and tens of millions of dollars. So when u divide up the percentages, both Sony and MS receive 40% of THQ and Rev gets 20%. Therefore the effort required on Revolution is half of what’s required to dev for the other two.

  9. I wouldn’t worry about THQ. Like I said before, they are waiting for the Shell to drop so they can know if they can really port over the same games they make for the 360 and PS3…

    You know, more of the same. lol

  10. It’s pretty simple. Revolution development, like DS, requires new ideas to be done successful. THQ has NEVER had new ideas.

    THQ would much rather churn out the same old crap with more polygons than actually have to apply brain power. They’ve ALWAYS been a follower.

  11. Hey now, I can see them coming out with some interesting ideas for the next WWE game..well at lease the developer of the game ,since they use different ones for each game on each system.

    Now Splinter Cell is a different story…sadly.

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