More Nintendo Strategizing

In many ways, it seems that Nintendo has already overcome many obstacles from the GC gen. The company has managed to grab media attention and public mindshare while shedding many of the pre-conceived notions about Nintendo. Analysts everywhere seem impressed with what they’ve seen from the company so far, but will it be enough?

GamesIndustry has another article contemplating the Big N’s next gen strategy of stepping away from the crowd.

While the article doesn’t cover any new ground, it does pose some interesting questions such as, “Is Nintendo mad? That depends on whether you consider it insane for a company to launch a product with low manufacturing costs, easy software development, high margins and strong brands and franchises backing it, at a price significantly lower than its rivals can compete with. If that’s considered to be mad, then how do you describe the business of launching a vastly expensive, cutting-edge box, after the investment of billions of dollars in research and development and developer acquisitions, each hardware unit subsidised to the hilt in the hope of clawing back your investment on future software licences?”


  1. nintendo’s made mistakes- every console maker has. some of these involved trying to change the medium itself (V.B…. *sigh*)

    but here we see it doing exactly what the reginator promised- it’s moving in a new direction to create a space in gaming that’s welcoming to the casual gamers, the harcore gamers, and the fanboys.

    yeah it’s a risk. but it’s also the most exciting and creative development in next gen gaming.

  2. I usually read regularly but missed this article (what with all the 360 launch hype and other Rev news).

    It’s a solid article – particularly the bit that was quoted by Nicholas.

  3. Have to admit, they use wise words ^^

    I love the site, I much prefer it to trashy sites like IGN and Gamespot, and their editorials are also much nicer to read.

  4. I’m getting sick of this
    really sick
    I already know that Revo will NOT be as powerful as PS3 or X360
    we already know that
    we already know that Developers are working on the very alpha dev kit
    we all know that nintendo see the videogame market, the games and the hardware in a different manner than other
    hardware manufacturers
    I’m sick of this shit. definitely sick and tired of all this fuckin shit
    I don’t care about being graphics whore
    If I would have high end graphics I’ll buy a super PC
    but what I love is mechanics in a game
    the fun and inventions inside the structure
    What I really hate is everybody is pushing down the revo
    but all those “everybody” know nothing about it
    It’s easy to say “wow! the revo is phenomenal!” and then they go out to buy a PS3 saying “what the hell! the graphic is incredible!”
    graph is all
    graph is important
    I’m fuckin sick of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Amen, MrHaze… Amen

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