More hot air from MS about a Wii60 Xmas

Oh Microsoft, if you weren’t such an evil empire overall I think I could honestly respect what your games division is trying to accomplish with the Xbox 360. Aside from those cheesey MTV marketing specials and world domination, of course.

Via Next Generation and MS’s Peter Moore:

“Dual platform ownership of Xbox 360 and Wii could be as high as 40% depending on what territory we are talking about. The influence of the Wii-60 movement seems to be growing enormously.”

And why shouldn’t Moore support the Wii60 combo terminology the Internet has so thoughtfully invented for us all to mull over and enjoy? His system provides today at this moment everything the hardcore gamer sect (read: 10-20% of the gamer population) wants and needs, and at a lower price point than that other testosterone pumping waffle iron set to go on the market soon. The fact that title exclusivity is seemingly out the window these days helps mucho as well. What better way to spin his system into the number one spot than say the system that could impact your budget the most will make a great No. 2?

But then reality sets in and I can also see Moore playfully scruffing up the hair of the Wii as if it was some child’s toy. Why else would he praise a product that will inevitably have an impact on his bottom line? You saw no such playfulness from our own bulldog, Reggie Fils-Aime, and that’s a good thing.

So I guess I have to respond to Moore with this: Sorry MS, I won’t have any extra money this holiday season to help you out with your Wii60 fantasy world, and since I don’t drink Mountain Dew or partake in any EXTREME TO THE MAX! fake sporting events, I probably won’t be winning one of your consoles. From what I’ve heard from analysts, journalists and even really cool moms, I don’t think anyone else will, either.