More DS Mock-Ups

Joystiq recently asked their readers to send in DS mock-ups. They posted a bunch of the mock-up pics, but here’s my favorite:


  1. It’s soooo smalll..I’ll take 5!

  2. So the general consensus is to try and give it a design similar to the T-Mobile Sidekick? I suppose that is a pretty popular design (I can’t go anywhere on campus without seeing one). Given that there’s nothing wrong with my current DS I don’t know how soon I’d be willing to purchase a redesigned one.

  3. i like how its small..but doesn’t havening a smaller screen make the touchscreen less accurate?

  4. You don’t need to worry matthew, cus I don’t think Nintendo is saying that people who already own DS are obligated to buy a new redesigned DS. There is a faint concensus amoung the public that the DS is the less desireble looking console next to the PSP. Of course that does not dictate the quality of the handheld itself, but obviously Nintendo still felt it was a worthwhile problem to solve to get over the last hurdles stopping some people from buying.

    I always knew that a redesign was on the horizon, which is why I chose not to buy a DS myself and instead go for what will hopefully be a slimier design. I think the DS will look like the mock ups shown above with a screen that flips out, it’s the best way of save space.

  5. That micro-meets-ds redesign looks like the sweetest thing ever!

    Props to the dude who conceptualised it!

  6. I really like how the LCD slides down to cover the touch screen. That means it would proabbaly be thicker than current DS, but hey looks really awesome. Great concept!!!

  7. shize!!!! that is amazing!!! I would buy that up in less than a second!

  8. I’m glad that people seem to (generally) like my mockup!

    It’s meant to be between the micro and the DS in size (such that the screen size is around 75-80% that of the current DS screen).

    I made the coloured panels burgundy because it looked cool, but I expect them to be changable faceplates (like in the micro).

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