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J. Allard, the father of the Xbox 360 isn’t so thrilled about the Revolution’s new controller. The reason; he says the controller won’t work for current racing and sports titles like the ones EA is so well known for. He’s also not thrilled that his division lost $4 billion over the past 4 years.

Potshots aside, he did praise the device’s innovation and said it could work very well with Nintendo first party games. Because of that, he thinks it will be well received by gamers.

[Source: Softpedia]


  1. I think that a competitor gives Ninny kudos for their guts is a really really good sign….MS isn’t really afraid of the Rev, they can only do better this gen, but Sony must be frightened to death….

  2. whew, can’t wait for kutaragi to talk bad about the controller.

  3. LOL@ Allard.
    The guy doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about. The PS3′ vents, then confusing the Rev controller’s LED with buttons… Greatest amount of bullshit ever.

  4. “I think our sports titles might be the first to immediately take advantage of what this novel ‘freehand’ type of control has to offer.” said John Schappert, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of Electronic Arts Canada

  5. That’s kinda the idea. Now, prehaps instead of re-releasing the same driving and sports games each year in a different box, they might try to make games that are a little different from one another. It’s called moving forward. You should try it sometime, jay-ay.

  6. /me never thought that it would be a good sports controller either, but props to the Xbox designer for knowing a good idea when he sees it.

  7. I had no idea that Microsoft has been around for 4 billion years. That’s a long time!

  8. Yikes! I didn’t catch that. thanks anon.

  9. J. Allard is a douche. And he can hardly talk about how great the Rev is or isn’t when he thinks that the Xbox 360 being able to view photos (which anyone with a computer and a brain can do) is one of its most amazing features. Like that tack-on nonsense has ANYTHING to do with games.

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