Calling All Dog Lovers

[Download The Instruction Booklet PDF]

The word is out. Although the game’s ratings have been lower than I expected, it’s probably due to the nature of the game. We got our hands on a copy and must say it is a blast to play. It’s a little different gaming experience but we recommend all of you give it a shot.

Game Rankings (Why does Chihuahua have a slightly higher average?)


  1. Maybe that version has sold more units. Be interested in seeing how each edition stacks up against one another.

  2. How would you rate the game ?
    What are the pros and cons ?

    I want this game sooo bad, but I’ll have to wait another couple of months…

  3. I gotta ask you Blake, do you take the photos for the site? There have been some great one, especially the one in this post of the dog.

  4. I dabble in photography, but most of the pics are royalty free stock photos that I’m always collecting. Glad you like the pics and if you come across any you think we could use, send ’em our way!

  5. I had run around my city for two days to find this game. I called all major retailer at 8 in the morning the day it came out, and every store had sold out! I live in a small city, I can only imagine what sorta nightmare it must be to find this game in a big city. I was also told by a staff member at out local Hastings that i was the sixteenth person to call for the game, mind you this is 8 hours after the games release. Anyway, I finally got the game, and I’m hooked. I absolutely love it! Nintendo shoots and scores, and all those people who said this game wouldn’t do good in the U.S. were sadly mistaken.

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