Monster House (GBA) A Great Game?

You say the words, “the game is like Zelda,” and my interests are piqued. Beyond Good and Evil got recommended that way to me while browsing Amazon’s Wind Waker page. But a Zelda-like movie game that’s actually good? GameSpot writes: “Monster House for the Game Boy Advance is an exception to the rule that says games based on movies have to suck… [it] duplicates so many of the aspects that make Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda games great, that, by the process of imitation, it manages to be almost as awesome.”

Here is another positive review from GameZone: “This is a well-designed crawl through lots of rooms filled with items to pick up and enemies to blast. Sometimes the action can get a little tedious, but there is enough variety and things to do to keep interest until the end.”

[Update: corrected spelling, thanks hilker; via GoNintendo]