Monkey Ball DS Trailer

If you haven’t already seen it running live, here’s the Monkey Ball DS trailer. The game looks surprisingly smooth and quick. Always a must with Monkey Ball games. Can we get this with Nintendo wi-fi please?…

[Source: Game Trailers]


  1. 56k modem users BEWARE! The clip is at such a high bitrate that you could upgrade to Broadband before the time it finishes downloading to your PC.

    Still, it looks pretty good. Let’s hope the touch-screen makes for a decent control method. Anyone’s who’s played Monkey Ball Jr on the GBA will know how much the D-pad sucks when playing this game.

  2. I was extremly happy at my Monkey Ball pickup at GC launch, and am hoping that this version is as much fun.

  3. 64K over here, so I can’t really watch it, but the game should be great…
    I don’t really understand how you control the ball though…

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