UPDATE: Miyamoto drags feet on Wii Storage, but says something at least

Wii’s storage issue is something I can somewhat get behind, especially as the blocks on my console get smaller and smaller. Now Miyamoto is getting in on the act, albeit in the same ambiguous way Reggie and other Nintendo execs have thus far:

“There isn’t anything that we can announce today, but we have been thinking along a variety of different lines regarding this matter for some time now,” Shigeru Miyamoto told IGN. “So my hope is that sometime in the not too distant future we will be able to discuss some concrete solutions.”

I have an SD card, and therefore a backup, but storage is storage. Some people need more.

UPDATE: Miyamoto, in a separate interview, almost kinda, sorta confirmed Kid Icarus Wii:

“Yeah, I’m not the producer of any Kid Icarus titles,” he said coyly. “There are some people who have some different ideas, but since I’m not the producer I can’t comment on anything.” When pressed onward, asking him to confirm that Kid Icarus was in development even if he isn’t producing it. Miyamoto laughed and reiterated his answer. “I’m not the producer of any Kid Icarus game, so I really can’t say anything. Sorry.”

Like I said earlier today, if you thought E3 was going to be the “it” moment for Nintendo IP you’re an idiot.