Miyamoto confirms revamped GameCube titles for Wii

Via Gamasutra, the sultry developer-themed site, we learn a bit more from the interview with Japanese consumer mag Nintendo Dream that has already revealed LOZ: Twilight Princess will now feature a more “hack and slash” Wiimote controlled interface. The other news is that GameCube games from times past could be getting a control scheme update to complement the free motion control of the Wii.

Now, we all know that Nintendo has already indicated some of its Virtual Console titles may receive some improvements simply because they will be emulated on the faster Wii CPU, but there hasn’t been specific info about what the actual impovements would be.

Gamasutra also noted that in addition to the control and graphical improvements, Miyamoto also indicated that the revamped games would be sold at a “substantially lower price” than usual. Miyamoto said he hoped that other developers would also follow suit. I for one say bring ’em on (again), because you can’t have too much of a good thing. Just make sure the price is right, because that’s what Bob Barker said, and he’s tough because he beat up that guy who’s in all those movies that are the same thing but with different titles.