Miyamoto at NYC Nintendo World

To all those in the NYC area, if you go to the Nintendo World store this Sunday from 11am to 1pm, let us know how Miyamoto’s cameo went. For those out of the loop, the first 200 arrivals get a signature from the classic game creator. The first 10 with a DS get to go in “bark mode” with the man. Shiggy the rock star indeed.

Post impressions if you got ’em.

[Source: GameSpot]


  1. How cool would that be?

  2. im so sad i won’t be able to make it…

  3. More people have to come to Canada. Ottawa, to be specific. It’s a nice place! Visit, damnit! And give me signatures!

  4. Oh man…
    Imagine having a signed DS…..
    He’ll probably never visit any city near where I live 🙁

  5. nononono British Columbia is a nicer place the visit. Metrotown is as big mall, or somewhere in Vancuver JUST GIVE ME SIGNATURES DAMNIT AND GIVE ME THAT NINTENDOGS MARIO CART THING TOO!!! life is soo cruel…

  6. If he can’t go to us, we can go to him! Who’s with me!!! Let us storm Miyamoto’s house and force him to give us SIGNATURES!! and that mario kart thing too

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