Minor Revolution Details Revealed

Nice little Revolution scoop at the hands of Joystiq and National Geographic Kids. From the article: “Backwards compatibility is of course something we’ve known about for a while; however, the ‘old favorites’ mention is so provocatively vague! They list The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Brothers, and Donkey Konga.”

The pictured images describe Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Smash Bros. gameplay using the Revolution controller. Follow the jump for more info.

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. Was it Reggie who said a few small details of the Revolution would be released all through the time between the new year and E3? This could be a big scoop, or it could be NatGeo speculation. Not being a video game outlet, I suggest there maybe a little direction from Nintendo in this article, but it’s basically just building on what we already know (Using 2 controllers as drum sticks, punching – suggested as a control scheme for a new Punchout, etc.). Interesting….

  2. The way it’s all written just sounds like conjecture. It pretty much comes off like a “you could do it this way” list rather than a “we played Smash Bros with a Revmote and this is how we did it” type of thing.

  3. Well put, Mr. Invisible. You are right, their description of Smash Bros. sounds extremely general; you’d think if they played the full game hands-on they’d have a lot more to say than “When you punch, it punches!” Nonetheless, I am extremely excited about the Revolution. Still, there many things that are bugging me greatly:

    1.) I wish Nintendo, now that we’re into 2006, would just tell us once and for all when it’s going to be released. I personally feel a lat November release sounds most credible, though many argue a May release isn’t out of the picture, and it’s hard to argue.

    2.) I will undoubtedly buy the new Smash Bros., but I have strange feelings towards the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always up for a new gameplay interface, but many people only play Smash because of the way it’s played, and if Nintendo strips it down to JUST Revolution-controller-controlled (ha!) gameplay, it will sell substantially worse. Again, I’d buy it, but I know many that would pass. I personally suggest, though don’t know how this would be done, that Nintendo make it optional to the gamer: Similar to that of a Madden game, each player should move a picture of their controller left or right, deciding if they’d like original controls or the new controls.

    I guess that’s it, as everything else sounds fantastic to me! Again, Nintendo – please, just give us the details! Sooooonnn!!!

  4. Nintendo just said that NGC’s talking of TP: using the Rev mote was pure conjecture, yet they invite National Geographic Kids (NGK) to japan for a hands-on demo and they let them print this?!?!

    ~Carmine M. Red

  5. I guess thee Nintndo branches don’t send memos to each other enough. In fact I am sure the NG Kids info was weeks older than the NoE info since it was printed.

    One talking head says maybe while the other spills the beans.

    This may be evil but…maybe we could trick them into giving everything away…MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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