Microsoft developing for Nintendo DS

According to Gamespot, Microsoft (via Rare) are developing dowloadable games for the DS. Apparently there are listings on Rare’s UK site seeking DS developers.

Fine by me. Didn’t Microsoft get their start in software after all?


  1. Wowwy. I’ve tracked this article back to gamespot, and there are a slew of rumors about the PS3 and X-box 360 sharing connctivity with the DS and PSP. Does anyone else realize whats happening. These are the very walls that have seperated and made rivals out of these companies. And all these new rumors lying around, signal that they’re coming down. I have to admit, I’m extremely doubtful that any truth exists in these rumors, however, rumors don’t start for no reason. At any rate, the fact that microsoft is going to develop DS titles, hints that these walls I spoke of earlier, at least of a crack in them.

  2. ms has developed games for gba too and they’re still independent

  3. If they made Goldeneye for the DS i would buy one in a second.

  4. MS said they are not interested in the handheld business, but they can still make money off it. So Rare makes DS games….I think this is a step in the right direction.
    Imagine the Revolution being as revoluionary as Nintendo says… completely different gaming experience…the more conservative player buys a 360 and those who want a new experience buy a Rev….you could even think about getting some kind of upgrade for 360 to play Rev/GC games vice versa…..
    OK….just dreaming 😀 It’s NEVER gonna happen….except MS buys Nintendo some day 😉
    But if it did happen….man Sony would be sooo screwed 😀

  5. Yet the current Rare can’t make a game if their and their families life depended on it.

  6. Rare has really gone downhill. So far, every origional title they’ve made for the XBox and GBA has been mediocre. That said, a Banjo-Kazooie or Perfect Dark port on the DS would be quite exuberant.

  7. Offtopic:
    Right now, G4 is showing an episode of their only show that doesn’t piss me off, Icons, about Shigeru Miyamoto.

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