The Wii that never came to be

So I was waxing nostalgic today as I am wont to do, and I got to thinking about the crazy-haired ghost of Christmas Past…

Here’s a refresher:

  1. The Wii price point is $50 too high.
  2. Launching two days after the PS3 is a big mistake.
  3. Making a profit is a bad thing.

I’m having writer’s block and I seriously can’t remember… did all of these come true or not?

Oh wait. Now I remember. None of them did.

  1. The Wii is largely sold out. This is significant given that inventory is 4:1 over the “other” system that also launched in November, and demand still remains strong. I rarely if ever hear anyone scoff at the price of the Wii. Do you?
  2. The vacuum created by both the PS3 shortages and its lackluster launch line-up (yes, there is that “revolutionary” FPS, Resistance) has created a surge for both Nintendo and Microsoft.
  3. Video game sales as a whole are through the roof for the last part of 2007. People are using buzzwords like rebirth and “surging” and the word “buzzword” a lot, and it doesn’t take a genius to see that maybe, just maybe, when Reggie says Nintendo was responsible for 55% of that growth, he ain’t spinning so much as telling the truth.

This post brought to you by those who said it was dishonest when “below $250” turned out to be $249.99.

UPDATE: Used Routers in the comment section made a great correction. It was “will not be more than $250.”