Microsoft beats one-week Wii sales in Japan

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 outsold Wii in Japan for the week ending Sept. 14

On the strength of an aggressive price drop and the release of the popular RPG Infinite Undiscovery, Microsoft sold 28,681 Xbox 360 units in Japan, Famitsu reports. These figures were just enough to pass Wii, which sold 27,057 units.

Sony moved 8,050 PS3 units.

Microsoft has struggled to capture a Japanese audience since joining the console business. The company sold 24 million original Xbox units worldwide before discontinuing the system in late 2006, but only 473,000 were purchased in Japan.

Microsoft has sold approximately 720,000 Xbox 360 consoles in Japan since launching in Dec. 2005. By contrast, Sony has sold more than 2.3 million PS3 consoles in Japan since Nov. 2006, and Nintendo has sold more than 6.7 million Wii consoles in Japan since Dec. 2006.