Micro Set for 9/19 Launch

Nintendo announced (in addition to the gut wrenching Zelda delay) that the Micro will be released Stateside on September 19 of this year. They haven’t announced an official price though. We’ll have more as it comes in along with our rant on the delay after we get our barings.

[Source: Gamasutra]


  1. Uhhh, nice 😀 that’s pretty soon, I thought more of November….but it’s probably coming out in November over her 😛 Poor Europeans :'(

  2. Regarding the Twilight Princess delay:

    “…it will absolutely enrich the game and make it a multi-million seller.”
    -Perrin Kaplan
    Yeah. As soon as consumers get tired of their XBox 360’s, copies will start flying off shelves. I usually try to be optimistic about this kind of thing, but this is just nauseating.

  3. Has there been any tv/print marketing of the Micro yet?

  4. Word on the street is 99 bucks for the Micro…

  5. Which will be the most profitable game unit (per unit wise) Nintendo has ever made.

  6. Nintendo said:
    “The incredibly small size of Game Boy Micro belies the powerful technology shrunk into a hip new casing with an intensely bright screen; and at under $100, it’s a must-have.”

    It’s ONE CENT under 100 dollars. I dunno.. it’s a nice little unit, but I can’t see this being nearly as popular as Nintendo is claiming… why do they choose only to hype a product that’s essentially 5 years old and then charge a premium for it.

    If the Micro had been 50-70 bucks or ‘under 100’ with MP3/MP4 capabilities out-of-the-box it would have been killer.. right now it’s simply an overpriced novelty.

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