Wireless Wii headphones let you bowl in private

Wanna’ play Zelda while your roommate is doing homework in the other room? Wanna’ hone your Wii bowling without your family knowing? Sixty dollars will get you a pair of “Wireless Wii headphones” called Ear Force W3 (why not W33!?) from Turtle Beach Audio. Sadly this product sounds a little more exciting than it actually is:
Like many console/iPod audio accessories the Wii name is pretty much thrown into this product’s name for marketing. It will work with anything that has RCA output like a mixer, stereo, or any console, for that matter. Also the product doesn’t use bluetooth, but it’s own antenna so it isn’t really customized for the Wii, and certainly can’t send controller sounds into your headphones.
Having said that- the W3’s are pretty cheap for wireless headphones and the do match the Wii’s design pretty well. If you don’t wanna’ wait for cool/compatible bluetooth headphones for the Wii and don’t mind having a sensor bar AND an antennae (which needs power) sitting by your Wii, the W3s are for you.