Micro Hits The Streets

Nintendo is currently holding street parties for the Gameboy Micro some 10 days prior to it’s Japanese release. They’ve got 8-bit music blasting, vintage Mario running on some systems, and a nice little notepad as a keepsake. The pictured play-yan micro is also on showcase.

Ever since Satoru Iwata inherited Hiroshi Yamauchi’s position as the president of Nintendo, it’s become the company’s main objective to expand its consumer base to the non-gaming, general public.

Events like this can only help that objective. I think the Micro will do very well. While I agree $99 is a wee bit high, it will be difficult to hold off ’till a price drop. Do you think they’ll drop the price by Christmas?

[Source: Gamespot]


  1. It is hard to tell if there will be a price drop before christmas after all, they just dropped the price of the DS for Nintendogs, and ti has been out for about a year, I think Nintendo is trying to set them up witha static price scale much like Apple has going for them.

    I think the GBA Micor will be very hip, and everyone loves 16bit style it will never go dead so I think it will be here to stay.

    Everyone says the SNES was the pinnicle of gaming but they fail to realize that the GBA series is what keeps it alive, if they were to make a totally new Ganeboy Series then the 2D will have finally died in that would be a very sad day, I think the Game Boy series should always use cartridges and stay 2D, if you want 3d portable gaming you always have the Dual Screen series.
    which this Nintendo DS has alot of life in it for some time to come.

  2. Price drop won’t come until E3. There. I said it.

  3. Anyone hear news of an MP3 player for the Micro? Innovate.

    Anyway, I love how Nintendo has taken a “we don’t care what the competition is doing” approach with Micro, and why should they?

    Hell, I have a DS and I’m still fighting the urge to go and buy this thing. Complete bust or genius marketing ploy, I don’t think Nintendo is going to lose much of anything on this.

    Who knows, there could even be an as-of-yet unseen Revolution angle to this, although I’d be hard-pressed to tell you what it is.

  4. I absolutely agree with JB…
    Sooo tempting…..
    Even the word “micro” on the Play-Yan is sooo stylish !

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