Micro Drops in Japanese Sales

I wish we had some US figures for you, but until then, these will have to do. From 9/19 – 9/25, the Micro dropped two spots from first in sales to third, slightly behind the PSP. Here’s the breakdown:

NDS 68,123
PSP 50,629
GBM 46,529
PS2 25,518
GBASP 12,483
GCN 2,267
GBA 448
XBX 98

Even given the drop, it’s apparent that Nintendo handhelds are doing very well in Nippon. For what it’s worth, some major retailers in the US have been selling out of Micros, but no word on if that’s due to low inventory or high turnover. We’ll have to wait and see.

[Source: DX-X2]


  1. Let’s be realistic, the Micro was never meant as a PSP killer, but represents one of the “three pillars” remember?

    One on one they can’t beat (yet) the hype and money that Sony can brought to bear with their PR blitz and shiny M&M system (candy outside with nothing new in the middle). However, combined as part of an overall and long term program…

    In all honesty I expect the numbers to go down in a month again with the release of GTA Liberty City, but only in the US.

    Again, let the Sony fanatics have their little tea party, the level headed of us can wait it out.

  2. Is there a reason PSP sales are up so much this week?

    Maybe a game was released for it?

  3. He he . .it’s funny that the original GBA is outselling the Xbox. I didn’t even think they still made that thing.

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