Metroid Prime Hunters New Info

Along with new Twilght Princess info, the latest Nintendo Power issue also contains Hunters details. They explain the multiplayer/online features; looks like the FPS essentials are covered.

Select Time or Deathlimit. Classic Deathmatch-Mode.

Survival: Like Battle but with limited lives.
Bounty: Find the Octolith and bring it to your base to get points. The player with the most points wins.
Defender: Defend a marked spot on the map. Like King of the Hill.
Prime Hunter: One player is the Prime Hunter – if someone kills him, he becomes the Prime Hunter. The one who was Prime Hunter for the longest time wins.
Capture: Players team up to steal the enemy’s Octolith and bring it to their base.
Nodes: Take control over several beacons. The player with the most nodes wins.

Hunters will only feature 4 player multi options, online or off. It may seem paltry, but unlike Halo 2, you can choose from more than 2 different characters. There are 4 different, highly detailed character models on the battlefield at once, all the time. And if you can’t even gather that many, bots will be selectable with individually set difficulty.

Single-card multiplayer will be an option, something the demo shoulda had. Like MKDS, all the players downloading will use Samus. There will be a wifi lobby similar to Mario Kart’s where you search for friends or worldwide strangers to frag. You also get to search for opponents with specific settings in place beforehand.

Check out some new screens here.

[Source: 4cr]