Metroid Prime Hunters New Info

Along with new Twilght Princess info, the latest Nintendo Power issue also contains Hunters details. They explain the multiplayer/online features; looks like the FPS essentials are covered.

Select Time or Deathlimit. Classic Deathmatch-Mode.

Survival: Like Battle but with limited lives.
Bounty: Find the Octolith and bring it to your base to get points. The player with the most points wins.
Defender: Defend a marked spot on the map. Like King of the Hill.
Prime Hunter: One player is the Prime Hunter – if someone kills him, he becomes the Prime Hunter. The one who was Prime Hunter for the longest time wins.
Capture: Players team up to steal the enemy’s Octolith and bring it to their base.
Nodes: Take control over several beacons. The player with the most nodes wins.

Hunters will only feature 4 player multi options, online or off. It may seem paltry, but unlike Halo 2, you can choose from more than 2 different characters. There are 4 different, highly detailed character models on the battlefield at once, all the time. And if you can’t even gather that many, bots will be selectable with individually set difficulty.

Single-card multiplayer will be an option, something the demo shoulda had. Like MKDS, all the players downloading will use Samus. There will be a wifi lobby similar to Mario Kart’s where you search for friends or worldwide strangers to frag. You also get to search for opponents with specific settings in place beforehand.

Check out some new screens here.

[Source: 4cr]


  1. I hope the Metroid Lobby has better music than Mario Karts elevator music.

    I bet you can here it right now just thinking about it, with the beeping of people joining.


  2. Lots of options, looks real good.
    I bet the lobby will feature the Metriod NES theme.

  3. 4 players max is wicked LAME… oooo two on two capture the flag… i’m soooo excited… or do i mean disgustingly disappointed… i think i’ll stick to my computer online games… i’m guess 4 is the most that can hook up wirelessly for any game… kinda sad… oh well… people with no experience in online multiplayer gaming will love it… just don’t let them try the real thing…

  4. Well “Anonymous” (don’t know why people that criticize do not leave their names), it is the first time that that team does something online… also, the limited hardware capabilities will restrict the options. Computer games have more? Yes, but do you remember the beginning, when most games had support for, at most, 8 players? DS is doing it now and it is the first with such capabilities. Probably a MP:Hunters 2 will have support for 8 players (if it is going to exists), but it is fine for now.

    By the way, Mario Kart DS has MP for 8 players. Not online, only local wireless, but it is a beginning.

    I’m still waiting for it!!

  5. my name is luke… what difference does that make?.. and i understand its hardware limitation… and its likely the best they can do… i was just hoping for a lot more… 16 player availability would have thrown the world into a rage for the DS… and it would have been amazing to have hand held games play more than a gamecube with 4 controllers… honestly… i gave credit where credit was due… gamers who haven’t experienced the entertainment value of computer online gaming will be exuberant… it’ll be more difficult winning over those who have… i was hoping for a replacement for online gaming when i heard of nintendo’s wi-fi… especially with metroid… so far i haven’t seen that… so far its 4 players max… a let down from what i hoped for… it is quite substandard to ME… my opinion…

  6. Serioulsy the DS has a 67 mhz and a 33mhz chip with 4mb of ram. Do you really expect it to support a large number of players. But like the other online games so far I’m betting it will be rock solid with no lag, unlike pc games.

  7. The Rev will give you your 30 player FPS wet dream. Not DS.

  8. I wonder about this no lag thing, peshue. I tend to run into lag pretty frequently in MK… I keep running smooth but the other players hop around the track like Nightcrawler. It seems like instead of having lag slow everyone down (like in a PC game) while it updates someone’s position and whatever, it just updates them whenever it can and tries to interpolate the rest. I’ve seen laggy people drive off the side of courses before the game realized that they didn’t actually do that and pops them back on. This isn’t THAT big of a problem in MK, where it’s just a matter of who gets to the end of the course first, but if the same thing happens in Hunters… It could be disastrous. Any other experiences with the NWF lag?

  9. All the magazines I used to read said this game would be crap, but it actually looks quite decent to me.

    A pretty good FPS experience on the DS.

  10. what magazines do you read, PSP???

    w00t cant wait to PWN your ass

  11. 4 people sounds fine to me. I wish it was 8 but on my DS thats fine. If 4 is not enough for you than don’t play the game.

    Last month in PSM someone mentioned in plulse the MKDS online is the reason PSP sucks, and Metroid Prime Hunters will kick the PSP while its down.

    Nintendo Power gives you the skinny and i got to say 4 people online in af FPS is better than just another offline metroid game.

    Once again, watch for Frisby’s triple ball bomb jump of death.

  12. Watch for Rollin’s “phazon beam to the face”. Literally, watch it.

  13. Yeah I have had some lag happening in MK, bot not as much as alot of pc games. Hopefully it’s not handled like MK where the person just goes skidding all over the track then jumps back inplace. I’d rather have them get stuck in one place. That way people wouldn’t be able to exploit it.

  14. I do find the criticism over the max of 4 players a source of amusement and bemusement. I mean no doubt it’s disappointing in the age of HUGE multiplayer numbers (though that said it’s rare to see a huge multiplayer battle that doesn’t experience lag), I guess it’s quite a natural responce of the consumer.

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