Mega Man 9 press kits come in NES cartridges

As revealed by Capcom’s John Diamonon today in his blog:

When we came up with the concept of a “box art” for Mega Man 9, we thought it was kinda funny, since there would be no real retail box for a dowloadable title. The premise of our marketing concept for the game was to promote this title like it was 1987, complete with cheesy art and game descriptions that had little to do with the actual game.

We then started to think, well why not? Why don’t we recreate an old NES package complete with a real NES cartridge? So, here it is. What do you think?

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to put the full game on these cartridges (the licensing and legal issues were a headache and not worth the trouble), but I agree, it would’ve been cool. Instead, these carts contain a small CD with artwork, game information and screenshots.

I’ve been pretty vocal about my disappointment with Mega Man 9, much to the chagrin of those with knotted panties. But when you’re faced with something this cool, you can’t help but marvel.

The kits are intended for press members only, but Diamonon said Capcom would consider a limited run for consumers pending interest. Mega Man 9 is slated to release next Monday on WiiWare.