Mega Man 10, Bass and other DLC Annoucned


If you have ever played Mega Man 7 on the Super Nintendo. You should be familiar with the sinister copy of Mega Man know as Bass. He is of course designed by Dr. Wily, and was constructed based on research on Mega Man.Bass1 Bass has strong desire to defeat Mega Man and be known as the strongest robot in the world often makes him rebel against Dr. Wily’s own orders. Though he wants to defeat Mega Man, Bass often works together with him against a common enemy, though usually for his own purposes.

He will be available as DLC for WiiWare along with the other consoles versions. of Mega Man 10 all on the same date, April 5th, and will cost 200 Nintendo Bass3Points. Bass’s special abilities seem to be his character defining diagonal attack as well as a dash move. Besides Bass himself, Capcom has stated that they have also planned more DLC for Mega Man 10, including three special stages, and the return of endless attack mode.

What do you think about Mega Man 10? Does it stand up well against the previous titles in the series as well as Mega Man 10?

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  1. It’s good, yes. But I like 9 alot more. Just the music alone is a selling point. 10’s music is kinda lackluster in my opinion. The exceptions being Solar Man’s theme, Strike Man’s theme (really just the latter part of it. it has a bouncy “Go team!” kind of vibe), and Wily Castle 1. Just about every track in 9 was great making it one of the best Mega Man soundtracks. I really think it ranks up there with 2 and 3.

  2. I agree with Drahken on the soundtrack: 9 had a very solid set of music, and 10 only has a few select songs that are really great (the aforementioned Solar Man’s theme, and I also love Nitro Man’s theme).

    I also feel the robot masters in 9 are a little more creative and better designed (for instance, it was nice to finally have a female robot master, shame they didn’t add to that in this new one).

    Beyond that, though, I think I like many things about 10 better, particularly the crippling difficulty (Hard Mode is unholy but awesome), the inclusion of Proto Man, and the little Challenges to complete. I also think there are some more unique obstacles and enemies.

    I’m glad to see that Bass is only going to cost me 200 points, because that’s exactly how much I have left from a previous purchase on the Wii Shop Channel. How lucky!

  3. I definitely like MM10 much more than MM9. It feels a lot more “fair” in terms of less instant-kills. Granted, there are several places where it feels ridiculous (a certain Wily stage comes to mind), but overall, it is a lot of fun.

    I also like that they didn’t bring back any older music like that did with MM9. It makes it feel more like it’s standing on its own two legs.

  4. I have nothing against the NES Megaman series, but I absolutely loved Megaman X and Megaman X2 on Super Nintendo. Megaman X3 is a game I asked for every Christmas and just never owned – or even rented. It’s oddly rare and is valuable on eBay. I hear it is amazing, and I would love to see a Megaman X4. If they can make new NES games, why can’t they make new SNES games? Imagine a true sequel to Super Mario World (even though Yoshi’s island was wonderful)! Or even a lost levels pack! Haha listen to me…

  5. Now this game has gone from buying soon in my book to buying now! 😀

  6. @Bryan
    X4-X6 were released on the PS1 along with X7-8 on the PS2….

  7. @Rick: I know those games exist, but they’re fundamentally different from X1-3…

  8. Yea let’s feed the cow, b/c this kind of DLCs are totally ok.

  9. I have a new found hate for Bass as I am currently going through MM7. The combo of him and Trebil at Wily Fortress 2 is insane.

    Don’t want DLC if its not free, end of story.

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