Mario Revolution to be Unveiled December 2?

According to Spong, Shigeru Miyamoto will give a keynote address at the Digital Interactive Entertainment Conference on December 2. It is rumored he will unveil Mario Revolution (128) during his 30 minute presentation in Kyoto.

That would make my day if true, but alas, we never like sourcing Spong for obvious reasons. Take it for what it’s worth.

[Source: Spong]


  1. Fantastic timing. Here’s for hoping it takes a fair chunk away from the massive media Xbox 360 focus, which will be solid enough regardless.

  2. If true, this’ll be huge: just like the Rev controller dominating the TGS news.

    How long has it been since Mario Sunshine?


  3. Hasn’t this game been in development since before the GameCube was announced? That’s a long time…

    I really do expect some sort of “proper” system unveiling before the end of the year. Showing Mario Revolution would be an awesome way to do it.

  4. Yeah the game been in development before the Gamecube..but you have to understand that it was only an idea. Not real “we are working on it development”. The game trans-mutated alot since the first pics of it showed up with Mario and Luigi on a magic carpet running off the Mario 64 engine…

    Mario Sunshine came out of just one idea for Mario 128(the off and on Codename) and spawn into the game you see on the GC.

    I’m sure many more idea came and went since 1998. The proper way of figuring out when the real “we are working on it” development started is to pin down when Nintendo finalised what the Revolution controller was going to be.

    So lets say the game has move pass just being ideas running off the Mario sunshine engine late last year/early this year. so yeah seeing something form it in December wouldn’t be impossible.

  5. Guys, i’ma tell u right now, this is fake. You’ll see why later.

    Morning Star Rising is right, the progress they had at the beginning of the Cube’s life was just planning. However Miyamoto has confirmed a few months back that he is hard at work on it. I think it was in that EGM feature of him where he sed Iwata was pushing him to have it ready for launch.

  6. I dont beleive anything until I see it.

    Hell, Yamauchi was once quoted in saying that the Gameboy Advance was going to be on par with Dreamcast in terms of graphics.

    Yeah, sure, go back to your love motel and call us when you’ve got something real to show us! ^_^

  7. funny they were right about the controller being revealed,but they said that mario 128 would be revealed the same time, but they were wrong… i dunno what to think


  8. Where are pics of Mario and Luigi on a magic carpet?

  9. Regarding the Mario & Luigi on the carpet image:

    I recall seeing such image at one point and many thought that it was a photoshopped image of the level from mario 64 where the magic carpet goes along the rainbow track – mario’s color changed to look like luigi.

  10. Untill I can see some video or screenshots, I’m not gonna lsiten to anymore rumors on this game. What was a pretty neat demo before the GC came out eventually became a mystery game that’s been pushed back so long I wonder what’s become of it (and what the real name will be as I doubt it’ll be 128 marios or anything with “128”. That’s so, Nintendo 64 wouldn’t you agree? 😉

  11. Well…”Mario 128″ is the code name for now.(I hope lol)

  12. It doesn’t even make sense for “Mario 128” to be the codename of a Revolution Mario game. The Nintendo 64 was the 64-bit console, meaning the GameCube would be 128 bit, meaning the Revolution is going to be more than that. And console horsepower isn’t accurately measured in “bits” anyway (although that’s all the general public understands… “128-bit instead of 64? The graphics must be TWICE as good!!!!!!!”).

    If anything, a Rev Mario game would be code-named Mario 256. But since that sounds stupid (and sounds like “less” than 360, as in Xbox 360), it will never be used, and people will continue mistakenly calling the Rev Mario game “Mario 128”.

  13. MARIO 512!!!

    Return of Tatanga!!

  14. Gamecube is 64 bit.

    *rolls eyes*

  15. Whether true or not could you please stop those unnecessary comments about SPOnG. You are just repeating a rumour started by some people sometime and there is absolutely no reason for that, at all. In fact, they have been the first site to confirm that the controller would be shown at TGS and they broke lots of other Nintendo stories before then. To my knowledge, they have never been wrong about any of their predictions. they just have excellent insider contacts. I have spoken to them directly and vouch for their journalistic integrity 100%. If you are still unsure phone them up yourself.

    But please stop slagging them off. I am sure you will not be able to name any instance where SPOnG has been wrong about anything they posted.

  16. “Mario 128 at TGS” -Spong.
    “Mario 128 on December 2nd”- Spong
    “No Revolution game will be shown before 2006” -Jim Merrick of NoE

    Those are all the instances I need.

  17. I agree with link, halfly.

    Screens can be photoshoped and video’s can be cuts.

    So who knows what to believe.

    A demo?

  18. mario 361 😀

  19. I believe Spong also predicted the gameboy micro at e3 and the zelda trailer at last gdc.

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