Mario Kart Wii Driving School tour throttles Boston this May

225_mario_kart_wii.jpgLive in Boston? Like Mario Kart? Not sure you like it? Well, after it launches on April 27, there’s a little Mario Kart Driving School Tour hitting City Hall Plaza and Government Center on May 14 and 15, respectively. Both events start around 9 a.m. and last until the evening. More info at the Mario Kart Wii web site below. And sure, there are other stops along the way, but I’m *wicked* biased.

[Mario Kart Wii]


  1. Why do they always make Luigi out to be a loser?

    He’s a much better character than Mario, and always gets the short end of the stick.

    Give me Luigi’s Mansion over Mario Galaxy, Sunshine, or even 64 (Yes, I went there) ANY DAY.

  2. I got a quick hands-on with Mario Kart today! mykie will be pleased to know I picked Luigi… 😉

    It feels a lot like Excite Truck, though doing stunts is less complicated – tilt the controller towards you in the air, as opposed to button combos and frantic waggling. The graphics are fairly good, but the music is a bit disappointing. I think that’s probably just because after playing Galaxy I have pretty high expectations in terms of orchestration!

    I played a couple of solo time trials, but raced against a computer ghost time. It seems to be a bit like single-player Wii Sports, playing against CPUs who get a bit faster each time you beat them.

    I haven’t played Mario Kart in ages, and even back then I never got into it like my brother did. So I can’t really tell you how it handles compared to the old versions, or comment about snaking. And I didn’t try the motorbikes.

    The Mii integration through the drivers’ licences is a nice touch.

    Can’t wait to have a longer crack at it — but please, please, please, let the Infendo game night fit my schedule!