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Floating around the internet today is a new video of single player Mario Kart action. The video shows Luigi in his new vacuum kart racing around a new town level with a bunch of NPCs and what seems to be some human players with logos over their heads. It’s amazing looking stuff and it’s only one month away!

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  1. Looks great! This is the game I have been waiting for… Now I will go out, get a DS and this game…

  2. Let me be the first to say:

    that video looks INCREDIBLE!

  3. Yeah nice vid !
    But I am afraid I’m not going to buy MK DS….without broadband no WiFi network multiplayer…so half the fun 🙁

  4. I’m sure there’ll be a compelling single-player experience too. It does have 30 tracks after all. I’ve also heard that, unlike all other previous versions of Mario Kart, the DS version will allow you to play battle arenas with a CPU opponent.

    Alternatively, do you not have DS-owning friends who can play with you?

    It would be such a shame to miss out on one of the biggest EVER software moment of the DS.

    Mario Kart is possibly why I bought a DS in the first place even though none of the Mario Karts even come close to the original SNES Super Mario Kart.

    Oh, how I wish Miyamoto was directing the key Nintendo franchises again (as he was when the series was created)…

  5. Nope, I don’t know anyone who owns a DS…I know it’s sad…the only DS I saw “in the wild” was owned by a kid and he just got off the bus as I entered 🙁
    I am actually considering buying a second DS for multiplayer esp. because my gf likes Nintendogs so much 😀

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