Mario Kart DS: Infendo Now Online

Infendo: Do Share Your Friend Codes

Just got hooked up with Mario Kart DS. This game is mad fun so today we’ll be hosting our first official Infendo Mario Kart DS meet up at 2:00pm EST. Post your friend codes below, and look for me on the kart path:

Infendo – 141793 637217


  1. I’m pleased to see that now infendo is online…did you do the “link your wifi ID” procedure?
    I’m still waiting for the email (there are some problems, cause people never received it) to confirm that i was hooked up….Did you do this?
    BTW I’m online since saturday…will we play? wifi is good. simple and clear. with some limitations but it’s still a good experience!
    PS email me for the friend code if you wanna

  2. 343656

    Let’s rock!

  3. hey fox is better for all of us to pm or email our code
    IMHO it’s better not to show up our personal code to receive mine ^_^

  4. MrHaze,

    Nothing happens if someone adds you. You too must add her in order to be able to play together. So you can post yor number and still being able to play your friends

  5. Oh I know it Jacomar!!! just I like to be reserved ^_^

  6. gabe – 300707 388563

    Whoo! Let’s do this!

  7. Oh i see, mrhaze… i dunno why but nintendo also says not to post the codes. does anyone knows their reasons?

  8. Nice Picture! ^_^

    Please add me to your friends list Blake, my WFC# is in my profile.

  9. they only said for “security”

    but I know MS is doing the opposite for the xbox live gamertag…
    mhhh. ok I’ll post it
    U convinced me
    but pay attention, I only play on night here in Italy, so from 9 Pm italian time to 1/1,30 Am always italian time
    I will be aligned with your (US) time by this site
    (in italian)
    MrHaze – 184743 269361
    let’s rock everybody!

  10. kartin’ from nyc

    227692 737745 – joe

  11. Fuzz-


  12. Silent K wants to take you down sucka!!



  13. 253462 555776

  14. silentK I added you…
    beware of italian racers!!!!

  15. 279232

    –Scott from Los Angeles


  16. mrhaze,
    if you want to link your DS to the wifi service, you should change your nickname to the temporiry nickname they give you. Most people (i guess, and i was one of them) think that they should change their nicknames IN the game, where you should change your nickname from the setting menu for the DS (before you start the game).
    turn on DS.
    touch the screen to go to the menu.
    don’t click on the game icon.
    click on the little box at the bottom.
    change your nickname from there.
    start the game.
    connect to Nintendo WFC.
    you’re done.

  17. gerrhod


    let’s a go!

  18. It is ON. Who wants this?

  19. I’m

  20. goob
    just today I received the email confirmation that i’ve been linked
    I suggest the servers were overflooded by requests so Ninty was just a little bit late
    ^__^ no problem just I’m finishing only second or third so…I’ve got to train ^____^
    see ya

    Its great to see others posting their friend codes online. I’ve actually created a site just for this we already have over 400 hits, and about 15 people registered. This number needs to grow. Please visit the site at

    lets create an online community for exchanging friend codes. you can copy a friends code then e-mail them yours all on one page. Sign up now! THANKS!

  22. 103138


  23. my code is

    446 736
    117 168


  24. 090 253
    800 830

    Infendo, you’re on…

  25. 236.282.682.849

  26. awriiiiggggghtttt!

    Picked up the game today, come kick my ass at

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