Mario Kart DS Bundle

Nintendo will release a new Mario Kart Bundle on November 28 just in time for the new wi-fi network. The package will include a new Hot Rod Red color, some flame stickers, a wrist strap, and additional swag for your racing self. It will retail for $150.

Will this game be even bigger than Nintendogs?

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. Nice bundle…
    The DS is too red imho, but some people might like it…
    I think this game has the potential to become bigger than Nintendogs. It’s faster, action-oriented and just more conservative.
    Nintendo got the non-gamers to buy Nintendogs and now they want the gamers to buy Mario Kart…

  2. it’d be really something if they release the black and white versions of the DS by christmas too… 5 new colors for the holidays, delicious…

  3. if i never had my DS i would love to buy that one.

  4. I want it because it’s packaged with Mario Kart, but I’d rather just have a silver DS.

  5. I really want a White DS but this is tempting…

  6. I love red! I would get this one if I didn’t already have one. Plus, I would really like that wrist strap. LOL

  7. Awesome.
    If anyone’s seen a top view of the decals which come with the pack, firey red flames on the top with the number “05”.

    I want another DS…

  8. this is it. i’m going to buy a ds!

  9. when the ds first came out i commited myself to not getting one… i said to myself “its a waste of money”…what in the heck was i thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!? with all the new great games and the wi-fi connection i HAVE to get one i just cant hold out any longer…my friend has one and over his house almost everyday playing it! its gonna be great

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