Mario is more popular than pornography

Well, at least if we’re talking about Google searches. Which we are, so it’s completely true!

Anyway, the find was discovered and documented over at SEO marketing site SEOMoz, which I frequent regularly for another job that has nothing to do with Nintendo (sadly).

The article, called “Five Secret Ways Nintendo Rules the Internet,” goes beyond search engine results, and is actually a neat little look inside how Nintendo has once again dominated an industry. No, not video games, which they’re also doing right now, again. I’m talkin’ ’bout search engines!

Indeed, through a mix of cool Internet ads, clever marketing (free DS booth massages at the Natick Collection, seriously?!), and must-have products, Nintendo rules this roost too, just like they do the traditional and now non-traditional game markets. And they’re doing it on the cheap, comparatively speaking. While publishers like EA flounder with crappy games that don’t sell, and great games that don’t sell well enough to make back their exorbitant development budgets, Nintendo makes a profit on everything. Yes, even Wii Music. And not through any kind of trickery, mind you, but with solid, well-researched products that don’t need to be patched to be played in their entirety.