Man Kills Common-Law Wife After Losing Nintendo Bet


We have all experienced some sort of rage when playing Nintendo or other game consoles, but most of us have probably not hurt someone, let alone killed someone over a lost game.  Retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer, Keith Wiens,  did just that when he lost a bet to his wife after playing the Wii.  The actual incident happened in August of 2011, according to the Huffington Post, but just got charged with Second Degree murder this month.

The details are a little explicit, so I will be somewhat vague. Hit the jump to read the rest.

The couple liked to place bet on the wii games that they played.  The winner chose the nights “activities”.  However, when Mr. Wien went to bed, and found the toys for the nights activities under his pillow, he decided he was too tired and tossed them to the side.  His wife took this as a sign that he no longer found him attractive, which started an argument.

Mr. Wien soon went to sleep, but his wife would not let it go.  She woke him by beating on him, then left the room, returning with a knife.  In an attempt to protect himself, he shot her at close range.  The shot hit her just below the left eye, killing her.

“She was not Lynn. She was crazy and she’d just assaulted me when I was sound asleep, and I was worried about what was coming next.”

A forensic examiner stated that the knife was still in Lynn’s hand at the scene, and stated that when she fell, it would have fallen out.  In his words, the scene looked “staged”.  The trial ended with Keith being charged with second degree murder, all over a lost Wii bet.

Obviously, there was more going on here than a simple argument going bad.  There was, at the very least, other turmoil going on in the relationship that lead to the actions.

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