LostWinds sequel named, winter release seems likely


The sequel to one of Wii’s best downloadable games has been named: LostWinds: Winter Of The Melodias, according to Edge Magazine. “This sequel has a brand new mechanic which allows the returning hero, Toku, to switch the seasons of the world between summer and winter, using it to his advantage in various puzzles,” reports N-Europe, transcribing the print-only article. “Toku now also has the power to swim, and can create powerful cyclones which can drill through rocks and scoop up water. Other features include a new in-game map and hint system.

A release date was not confirmed, but logic suggests a winter release is in the cards. The original LostWinds, released last year, was very-well received, despite its short length. Infendo named it the seventh best Wii game of 2008, in fact. Long live, Toku!