List looks at 30 rare, pricey GameCube games

Want a new copy of NCAA College Basketball 2K3 for GameCube?

I’ll cut you a deal. How’s $300?

Video Game Price Charts compiled a list yesterday of the 30 rarest and most expensive GameCube games.

According to the list, new copies of NCAA 2K3 are selling for $400.

SEGA’s Phantasy Star Online Plus, an enhanced rerelease of Phantasy Star Online, is also at the top of the list, selling for $200 new and $58 used. New copies of Beyond Good and Evil are also near the $200 plateau, selling for $198.

The list considered the highest sales price of GameCube games over the last three months. Not all the games are rare, defined as hard to find with small quantities available. But relative to demand, each of the 30 games is in very short supply, according to the article.

Check out the article for all 30 flabbergastingly expensive games.