Link Turns 20

The Legend of Zelda series is officially 20 years old today, and it didn’t even use the Master Sword to warp ahead. On this day 20 years ago, the Japanese got the first taste of what became Nintendo’s most important hardcore franchise– and only half of those 2 decades were spent on the Twilight Princess’ development cycle.

We kid because we love.


  1. Happy Birthday Link, Zelda & Impa!

    I’ll make sure to celebrate in your honor!

  2. and Gannon!

  3. Happy birthday, Green Capped One…

    You know this would have been a great day to release LoZ:TTP *sigh*

  4. the middle of February were no one really buys games like that…

    They should release the Original Zelda on the GBA with a Gold cart..yup…

    They still can, after all most celebrations last a year.

  5. Well, actually this is the end of February, nearly my birthday, and also a historic achievement for any videogame mascot. So yeah, I’d say it would be a good day to release Twilight Princess as well.

    Nintendo’s not one for sticking with the norm. Just because “no one really games like that” certainlt doesn’t apply to something like a Zelda game.

    But I digress, because it was obviously just a comment the above user was sharing, and one I’m sure many others are feeling considering the unknown aspect of the game’s release. I hardly think a snide comment was warranted.

    But I digress yet again…

    Grats Link!

  6. *opens a Hyrulian lager, proposes a toast to link and his mates*

    Congrats! Hope to see you once in a while in the next 20 years…

    and now gimme some tp!

  7. Holy shit, Zelda was released the same day as Metallica’s Master of Puppets. Wow.

  8. At least Link isn’t lying about his age… Mario would have you believe he turned 20 just three months ago!

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