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This is turning out to be a superb week for eShop as a second terrific game arrives–this time for the 3DS Virtual Console. You’ll have to pay for this one, but Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is well worth its $3.99 price tag. Get ready for one of the better Game Boy adventures as Mario meets Wario in a title that improves on the first Mario Land game in just about every way imaginable. Who’s purchasing some classic GB Mario tonight?


  1. I never actually played this title before. I think I’ll go buy it now! Thanks for the heads up Richard.

  2. Someone already did.

  3. I bought it this morning. Much better than Super Mario Land 1.

  4. Stupid Nintendo! 🙁 I want Super Mario Land 2 in COLOR!

  5. i already have and started playing it! Nostalgia to the max. Reckon they should straight out remake this one in ds style. Like the new super mario bros but all the same levels and layout as this game but better graphics etc. This was one of the more imaginative Mario games.
    I was actually amazed i started playing just before and it was like nothing had changed. Just like when i was a kid XD

  6. Ahh I remember when Mario Land 2 and Tetris were the only two Game Boy games I had…..such great memories

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