Learn Gooder English on Your DS

I know my English needs some improvement, and I’ll get it as soon as I buy “Eigo ga Nigate Na Otona No DS Toreeningu: Eigo Tsuke” (Steeped in English DS Training for Adults that are no Good at English), for the Nintendo DS. The game lets you practice English with up to eight people (up to four on one cartridge), and the exercises actually require you to write English words and phrases with the stylus after hearing a (presumably) native English speaker say them. The game has many levels of what they call “English Power,” that vary in difficulty, and the game’s Japanese website suggests that if you play the game everyday your “English Power” will go up. Don’t think for a second that the game doesn’t include an in-game calendar that lets you mark off every day that you’ve played.

Official Japanese Website


  1. is this just for Japanese learning english, or is it for English speakers to learn it gooder. 🙂

  2. When are they coming up with one that helps you learn Japanese??
    The PSP has one, and that’s the only application that I miss not having in my DS (or GBA)!

  3. This could be just as useful in the US as it would be in Japan.

  4. The game is intended for Japanese people who want to learn English- and InvisibleMan, there’s actually a game out for the DS that helps you learn Kanji, but that game is also Japanese only. It’s called “Rakubiki Jiten” and it sort of turns your DS into a Japanese Electronic Dictionary- but I read somewhere that it lets you test yourself on words and characters.

  5. A DS application to help you learn Japanese would be great, but having to write kanji with a stylus would be difficult. Maybe just for speaking purposes or just hiragana and katakana.

  6. I had never heard of Rakubiki Jiten, ???… Thanks for the tip!
    Since the DS is region-free, maybe I can get it ordered at my local Japanese toy store! I’ll ask them about it…

  7. Play-Asia is a great place to get import DS games and they definitely had Rakubiki Jiten from the day it was released.

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