Leaked photo of Nintendo’s next console (aka Project Cafe) now on the Internet

This is breaking news, people.


  1. I’d buy one…but only if the duct tape was purple.

  2. where’s the hard drive fit?

    i think this prototype has more promise:

  3. I’d like it to be platinum and have a triforce hologram in the duct tape … and external storage.

  4. Ah, the internets. To be fair, wouldn’t it have to be 5 Wii systems duck-taped together? Seeing the iPod Touch on top of the GC controller made me realize that if the rumors are true then a 6″ touch screen is huuuuuuge.


  6. It doesn’t look so good:(

  7. when i was younger i wraped my gamecube in duck tap

  8. Very funny. I thought this was the leaked image of what its supposed to look like.


  9. Not funny. Just read the headline on rss and very nearly shat myself!

  10. @richufc – Then our work here is nearly done! “Infendo – inducing trouser dumps since 2005!”

  11. Its seriously almost pathetic. I got the 3ds at launch and I probably got two weeks of use out of it, its been resting on the dock ever since. I started buying GBA games to pass the time, since there isn’t anything on wii either. I am pretty much waiting on this eshop at least till ocarina is out so I can finally get some use out of the thing.

  12. Hah, I guess it’s funny you got to the joke before the mainstream media did. Still, makes me wonder what this new console will really look like, since the mock ups are just complete rubbish.

  13. god i remember seeing this on one of the ‘hardcore’ sites for a ‘design your wii 2’ contest. only about 90% of the submissions had duct tape in them. how original……..yawn.

  14. So the new controller will also accept phone calls?

  15. Besides all the game stuff, I hope you can control media with that touchscreen controller. I’ve been dying to get something like that for ages.

  16. It will look something like this:

    + touch screen capability 😛

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