Latest Nintendo Wii "leaked specs" are bogus

Ars Technica has debunked the latest round of “leaked specs” for the Nintendo Wii using the tried and true forumla of “Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V.” The specs, leaked by a poster at, were really nothing more than what critics of the Wii have said since the beginning: That Nintendo’s next-gen console was an overclocked GameCube with a DVD player.

But not so fast. Says Ars Techica: “Oh, waitaminute… I’m sorry. Those are specs I copied and pasted from one of the many pages of unofficial Gekko documentation that I was able to dig up on Google with a few keystrokes. The MaxConsole list features the same data, in the same order, with a few phrasing tweaks and the MHz numbers revised upwards […] Personally, I have a hard time imagining that IBM, ATI, and Nintendo have invested all this time and money into a product that’s basically a speedbump of an existing product. If Wii were just a GameCube with a DVD player and a funky controller, you’d think it would be out already. And here’s another clue: I know and have reported before that Apple was offered Broadway as a possible laptop chip, but I just can’t see IBM offering them the above single-issue design with a straight face. What’s outlined above isn’t even a G4. It’s a heavily tweaked G3, and it would be a big step backwards from the G4.”

Don’t these liars know anything? Nintendo is a company that can’t be matched.