Latest Infendo Radio is short, sweet, and has good taste in music


No more tin can! Join Derek and I as we discuss all the big news from this week’s Nintendo conference, in addition to pollage, upcoming Wii games, and some killer intro and outro music courtesy U-God and The Killers.

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  1. Blake you taking out of a tin can again.

  2. Oh BTW, Blake you are coming in my left speakers (both front and rear) and Derek is coming in from the right speakers.

  3. Are Sean and Alexis gone for good? Is Blake the new host?

  4. I like the podcasts but please fix where each person gets a seperate speaker. hard to listen to on headphones. And please bring back Sean and Alexis.

  5. Hey guys – we’re working on updating this episode so the voices are in mono. Just cool your heels for a day, and we’ll have it uploaded asap.

  6. Yeah, it’s about time the music was something that wasn’t used the last 15 times. Good work on this. And remember to get out of that well, Blake!

  7. I actually loved having each voice on a separate channel! It made it easier to distinguish who was saying what…

    By the way, what’s the name of that awesome outro song??

  8. i think the outgoing song is the killers-four winds