Last Call

Well, if all is true, Nintendo will reveal some rev details along with the controller tonight at 10pm EST. Any last predictions? Gyro? Microphone input? Touch input? How many buttons? It should be good and will be monitoring the “haps” around that time.

Stay tuned. It’s almost here.


  1. The controller will have a mini projector that creates a “HUD” for each player, floating above the controller. Oh, and gyroscopes. And a mic.

    That is all. You heard it here first. 🙂

  2. I work for Nintendo and The revolution controller is a ball, a big black ball you have to yell at. It has 3 drilled holes in it for your fingers and you can use it for bowling. It’s amazing.

  3. lolo c omtrol what comtrol.. its not even a control its a micro chip u inject into ur spine.. thus making u feal the game..

  4. that last two Anonymouses are LAIRS!! they dont work for nintendo, i know because my sister’s boyfriends mom’s friend’s daughter’s husband works for nintendo and this is the picture of the controller he gave me

    ^100% real^


  5. How could Anonymous#3 have known?

    Part 1: Osritch Controller- FACT

  6. when will there be updates?! its ten eastern !!!

  7. Patience lads. The keynote is for 50 minutes so it could take a bit for updates to trickle in. They better show this mug.

  8. thanks for the link!

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