Kojima Working on Revolution

The latest issue of Game Informer (#151, November) talks about the Revolution reaction at the Tokyo Game Show. At the end of one paragraph, the writer, after showing concerns over 3rd party Revolution support states “Despite these concerns, developers we talked to at TGS were very positive about the new controller, and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is already working on a project for Revolution, being done by the Metal Gear Acid team.”

In the video Nintendo showed after the controllers unveiling at the show, Kojima was one of the developers who spoke about the possibilities of Revolution. He had said that he and his team were looking into game develpment, but Game Informer has confirmed that Kojima is indeed making a new, most likely non-Metal Gear, game for Nintendo’s Revolution. Add another to the list.

[by Rollin]


  1. I can only WISH that they could be working on a follow up to SNATCHER. Oh, that would be bliss.

    Excellent picture of Kojima BTW.

  2. You’re so wonderfully old school, SK. I love that.

  3. Great! another game for the real revolution!

  4. AND SO IT BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?
    -Rage Against the Machine

  6. Kojima’s crazy and awesome game ideas+ Rev’s revolutionary controller= insanity ^___^

  7. Rage is a great source of lyrics for Revolution.

    We’re calm like a bomb!


  8. It’s now official. Kojima is now reporting that the rumor is true. HEHEHEHEHE More and more top developers are coming out of the wood work in support for the mysterious Rev. Sweet!!!
    You can find the information about is confirmation at the link below.


  9. Hmm…nice 😀
    I’d like to see a Snatcher Revolution.
    What about a “simple” remake of Snatcher ? I bet most people haven’t even heard of this game (esp. over here in Europe). I myself have never played it and probably never will be able to, but I heard sooo many great things about it…

  10. He confirmed this at TGS. It wasn’t a rumor.

  11. Some people didn’t notice that he gave hint towards his vision about sony and that he rather make a game for the DS.
    Again this proves that is true that he really want to make a game for nintendo.
    Perhaps great cooperation Mgs TTS

  12. It’s more out of admiration for Miyamoto, he has said.

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