Kalman Filters and Wiimote accelerometers

WiimotesSometimes when I read articles over at Gamasutra I feel like I’ve accidentally stumbled onto the campus of M.I.T. here in Boston much like Matt Damon’s troubled character did in Good Will Hunting. Only unlike Matt, when I step in front of that chalkboard, I draw silly little pictures of cartoon animals, because I never took Calculus and math is more of a foreign language to me than Japanese.

Today’s article on Wiimotes and accelerometers was one of those kinds of articles. Honestly, when I see Greek letters my mind immediately flashes back to keggers at UNH, not theorems.

That there on the left is just a taste of what’s to come if you venture over to Gamasutra to read about Kalman Filters. However, when your mind isn’t being bent by algebra and trig and calculus, you could learn a thing or two about how there’s still some latent potential in that little white controller. Wii Golf a bit quirky for you? Well it is for me too, to the point where I pretty much stick to tennis, bowling and Wii training, but this article opened my eyes a bit. When they got uncrossed from all the formulas, anyway.