Joystiq’s hands-on with Tiger Woods Wii

If we call Wii Sports the foundation of a house, then Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’07 is the unfinished first floor.

Joystiq’s Zack Stern recently had some hands-on time with the title, and said it was a step up from Wii Sports golf with “a few caveats.” Graphics, as expected, were PS2-caliber (the screenshots in Joystiq’s post are absolutely atrocious). But then, as has also become expected, Stern said game play quickly superseded any concerns over graphics.

A few quirks that EA might want to iron out before March:

  • quirky club control (sensitivity is adjustable)
  • the way players spin the ball breaks any sense of realism created by the swing
  • no online

Editor’s Note: No jokes about that headline, please.