Jet Black sees Wii, smells money

There’s no word yet on exactly what type of games Jet Black, a cadre of former EA guys, will be creating for the Wii and DS, but they’re committing to something.

The independent studio will focus solely on Nintendo hardware, creating new and licensed products for the Wii and DS. “With the launch of our new studio we’ve brought together all the key elements to develop top games,” commented co-founder and CEO Roger Freddi. “Both the Nintendo DS and the Wii’s Wi-Fi capabilities provide an advanced medium for Jet Black to bring already popular franchises to an even broader worldwide audience,” he added.

Oh wait. Translation: We can exude half the effort necessary for normal development and port a few old, stale titles over to the DS and Wii, bolt on some gimmicky controls, and sell it for a markup.

See the little ninja image? That’s their logo. Pretend it’s stealing your money and replacing it with a turd.