Japanese DS Lite box art

The Japanese DS Lite box art has surfaced on Jeux France. Looks eerily similar to my new iPod box.

[via 4cr]


  1. Although they used the same images released to unveil the ds lite I am liking it. It does look like iPod packaging but I think that will help. Everyone knows what the iPod is/what the boxes look like and the lite should get more looks because of it (think they are really trying to shed the kiddy/its a game system image with the more hip/iPod like designs). I would not be surprised if the us art is similar/the same.

    I do not own a ds but do plan on getting a ds lite (I worked at a Circuit City when the ds came out so I got to play with the display unit before it was put out, I liked it but was not a fan of the design and I never buy a system when it is first released) when the US date is finally revealed.

  2. anyone ever thought N and apple will team up?

    i didn´t

  3. Ohhhhhhh… Nice spot varnish! ; )

  4. who cares about box art!
    I want it now.

  5. Padrino José said…

    who cares about box art!
    I want it now.

    Well sed!

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