Japan: WiiFit outsells PS3 in six months


Before you jump on my back, know that this post is speaking more to the power of WiiFit than it is demeaning the PS3. Believe me, the system doesn’t need my help in that department.

As you can see from this screengrab of Malstrom’s Hardcore Gamer Suicide Watch page, WiiFit surpassed the PS3 in Japan. Not the Wii, mind you, but a Wii peripheral. Oh, and I still vehemently maintain that the WiiFit is no ordinary accessory. It’s still more of a console or platform in my book, and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve been balancing and lightly exercising on my copy of Wiii Fit for the past day and a half. I’ll have my thoughts on it later today. Initial impression/tease: “Hey, you know what? This thing actually works.”