Japan: Analysts wrong again, Wii increases lead in July

It seems like only yesterday that analysts and the opportunistic gaming blogs who regurgitate their incredibly inaccurate research notes were saying the Wii was “slipping” in Japan. It could only muster a 2:1 ratio over the closest competitor in the region, the PS3, after all, for the month of May and June. EPIC FAIL!

Let’s check the Enterbrain stats for the month of July, which ended yesterday. Hum dee hum… bwah? What’s this?!

Nintendo Co Ltd’s (7974.OS: Quote, Profile, Research) Wii video game console outsold Sony Corp’s (6758.T: Quote, Profile, Research) PlayStation 3 by more than 3-to-1 in Japan in July, a game magazine publisher said. Nintendo, creator of Mario, Zelda and other iconic game characters, sold 171,851 units of the Wii in the four weeks ending July 27, compared with 54,823 units of the PS3, Enterbrain said on Friday.

Gee, thanks Reuters! So, in conclusion, the Wii saw its lead grow, and sales reach a new high, in the middle of the summer. I eagerly anticipate what the landscape looks like in December. It’s going to be a horrorshow. Wario? Animal Cross with voice chat? Retro original WiiWare titles from Capcom and possibly Konami now too? Alas, poor wallet, I knew thee well!