Iwata to reveal big news on Thursday?

GDC director hinted at big Nintendo news during Iwata’s speech on Thursday from 10:30-11:30AM PST. From the article: “I would strongly recommend attending the two platform keynotes from Sony’?s Phil Harrison and Nintendo’?s Satoru Iwata. Trust me!”

You buying? Here’s the current poll results regarding a possible unveiling of new information.


  1. sweet jesus the last 6 months has been the most exciting time to be a nintendo gamer…ever.

    actualy the 2nd. nothing comes close to the first time they pulled the wraps off mario 64 / n64 for the first time. nothing.

    …oooor maybe the release of mario bros 3. either way these are the top three, that’s for sure:)

  2. Could Sony and Nintendo’s announcements be related? That’s pretty ominous

  3. Well, he is the president of the GDC. He must hype up his own conference, so i will take his word with a grain of salt.

  4. I agree .. he has to drum up publicity whenever he can. I do, however, think that a lot of eyes are watching the Sony & Nintendo keynotes for any new news. Both companies would be foolish to not unload a minor bombshell of exciting information. That being said, I do expect them to intentionally leave everyone salivating for the real show, E3.

    So in short, expect cool new announcements, but the real fireworks are just around the corner.

  5. Maybe they’ll give us the final name for the Revolution? Or a confirmation on Revolution.

  6. Would everyone prefer it to stay “Revolution” over a new name?

    Looking at their recent history of codename to production name change, GameCube (while not all that ‘cool’) was surely a better choice than “Dolphin”. Can they top “Revolution”, though?

  7. I sure hope it stays as Revolution. I’ve been calling it that for so long, it’ll be hard to change now. It’s established itself as the name of the console, and people seem to really like it. Nintendo would be wise to keep it.

  8. I also think it’s always wise to answer the door with your trousers on.

  9. I say the name will change, despite some calls for the GC to remain Dolphin (hey, we’d all got used to calling it that…it didn’t sound that bad after a while) and a lot of calls for the DS to remain the Nitro, neither happened. Regardless of how long the codename has been around, it always gets changed.

    One thing that is pretty much guaranteed though is that your brand new Nintendo console is going to say REV-001 on it, just as we have DOL-001 on the GC and NTR-001 on the original DS. So regardless of the name change, the Revolution will live on =)

  10. evolusion
    That was an awesome post. I’ve noticed the DOL-### system and realized it was for Dolphin, but never knew about the DS numbering system (since I don’t have one). Let’s hope they stay the course and we’re all buying a REV-001 in June (or November).

  11. Summerrrrr!!!

  12. NR – It’s not very catchy is it?

    I think they will keep Revolution in their marketing though.

    The Revolution is coming…. 06/06/06 Now that would be cool.

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