Iwata gently chides third party developers, ‘welcomes’ them back to Nintendo platforms

I don’t recall many times where the soft-spoken Satoru Iwata has gloated about Nintendo’s current run of incredible success, but he came awfully close today.

Like a don from a Godfather-type flick, Iwata basically “forgave” third party developers for not supporting the Wii and DS earlier on in their life cycles, and welcomed them back into the fold.

“It’s ok, we forgive you; water under the bridge and all that” Iwata almost seemed to say in an article at GameIndustry.biz. “Now, come on home and get back to work on some Nintendo console exclusives. Right. Now.”

And truth be told, big name publishers, like EA, are crawling back to Nintendo with promises of exclusive Wii development. Surely, this is a sign of the End Times for gaming as we know it (/sarcasm).