Iwata at GDC

GameDaily writes: “[Iwata] talks about how Pepsi is a disruptive product, as they’re number one in soft drinks, number one in sports drinks, bottled water, Doritos. Says they have a similarity to Nintendo. (Guess that explains the slide.)”

First Apple, now Pepsi. I can see the diversified resemblance.

A new Zelda game is revealed for the DS, but uses an engine similar to Wind Waker. It has touch-screen gameplay, cel-shaded graphics, anthe game has a puzzle formula where what you draw on the bottom screen reflects to the top. The game is officially called The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.



  1. Oh well .. Other than Zelda for DS the only other real news was confirmation of vintage Sega games on the Virtual Console.

    47 days till E3!

  2. and Hudson.

    I must say the prospect of a cell shaded Zelda for the DS is FANTASTIC news to me. WW must possibly rank as one of my all-time favourites – in no small part due to the vivid graphics and animation.

    Dissapointed at the lack of any new Rev announcements: not even a confirmed name for the system.


    ZELDA DSSSSSSsS YEeaaaaHHH!!!!!!

  4. the best of SEGA Genesis and TurboGrfx on virtual console… around 1000 SEGA Genesis games… also was mentioned that developers can develope new game titles for the virtual console service…

    overall i’m happy but not especially excited about any of the news released… although i’m sure sega fans may be quite hyped by this news…

  5. Hey opulitode ,

    where did you read about that it is possible to program for the virtual console???

  6. SAN JOSE, Calif., March 23 /PRNewswire/ — “The new forms of innovative software that can be created by any size developer will be made available for download via Revolution’s Virtual Console service.”

  7. http://boards.ign.com/legend_of_zelda/b5188/113200303/p1/

    looks a little like animal crossing . . . must find better pics!!!

  8. Forget the crappy screen shots, there is a Zelda video available to download from nintendo.com.


    Looks fab. 3D cel-shaded engine, but it looks like most of the game played from a 2D pespective. Lots of use of the touch-screen in puzzles. Can’t wait.

  9. Well seeing that this is a event for MAKING games and not about showing off games, I’m surprized that we got Zelda DS news.

    But pretty much all the other info was in key to what this even was about: Tell developers what to expect from the future of Nintendo and gaming through DISRUPTION~!

    Still expect to hear something soon about the DS lite US launch date.

  10. Now, THAT’s the Zelda game I’d like to have! Sorry, guys, but I far, far, far more excited about this Phantom Hourglass Zelda than Twilight Princess!

    Can’t wait, either!!

  11. I think I agree with InvisibleMan… maybe I’ve just been waiting for TP too long. Zelda on the DS sounds awesome!

    As far as a lot of the game being in 2D, that’s great. 2D is definetly >3D, for handhelds at least.

    If it does indeed make extensive use of the touch screen, I’ll be ecstatic. I was disappointed to find out that Partners in Time didn’t use it, to me that’s the whole fun of the DS.

  12. Same here “thenotoriousB.E.N.”. It looks like a fantastic title.

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